Muhammad Salman Khan, Abdus Salam, Hina Iqbal, Zainab Hussain.
Wandering spleen: a rare entity with variable clinical presentation.
Pak J Radiol May ;28(1):57-9.

A 79 years old female referred to radiology department for Computed tomography (CT) with suspected left breast mass. CT chest with contrast showed absence of organ in the left upper quadrant of abdomen. Spleen was migrated from its usual anatomical position, to the mid lower abdomen below the anterior abdominal wall on left side representing wandering spleen. Although wandering spleen is a rare entity and it may remain asymptomatic, it should be considered in the differential diagnosis of any mass lesion of the abdomen as well as acute or chronic abdominal pain. Imaging modalities like Ultrasound Doppler and CT of the abdomen are important for the accurate diagnosis and management of this condition.

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