Hassan Adnan Bukhari, Rani Abdullah Alsairaf.
The predictive value of systemic inflammatory response syndrome on the outcome of soft tissue infections in adults.
Pak J Surg Jan ;37(2):105-11.

Objective: The study aims to identify whether the Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS) provides a good predictive value to determine and correlate with the outcome of soft tissue infections in adults with diabetic foot infection (DFI). Design: Retrospective study collected the data of 311 cases using the criteria of SIRS. Setting: Surgical ward and intensive care unit (ICU) of Al-Noor Specialist Hospital in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Material and Methods: 277 participants with severe diabetic foot infection, gas gangrene or necrotizing fasciitis were retrospectively reviewed from 2014 to 2016. Main Outcome Measures: The SIRS criteria were used to define the severe infection. Results: The SIRS criteria were positive in patients with longer stay in ICU and there was no significant relationship between the SIRS criteria and amputation in case of DFI. SIRS criteria had a good correlation with NF scoring system, which both can help in the diagnosis of NF. Conclusion: SIRS criteria for severe infections in diabetic patients with soft tissue infections were not associated with worse outcomes other than longer hospital stay. The relationship between SIRS criteria and total score of NF was statistically significant.

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