Mahwish Arooj, Khadijah Mukhtar, Rehan Ahmed Khan, Tayyaba Azhar.
Assessing the educational impact of cognitive level of MCQ and SEQ on learning approaches of dental students.
Pak J Med Sci Jan ;37(2):445-9.

Objectives: MCQ’s and SEQ’s are the most widely used assessment tool in dental colleges across Pakistan. This study explores the impact of assessment tool: MCQ’s and SEQ’s on learning approach of dental students and also identifies correlation between these assessment tools and deep & surface learning approaches in integrated and discipline based curriculum. Methods: A quantitative co-relational study was conducted in 2018 on 2nd and 4th year dental students. A pre-validated “Revised Study Process Questionnaire” was used. Spearman’s rho correlation coefficient and Wilcoxon signed ranks test were applied to determine the relationship between learning approaches and assessment tools. Internal consistency was calculated by Cronbach’s alpha. Results: Ninety six students out of one hundred and fifty completed the questionnaire. Correlation test showed that surface approach correlates significantly with MCQ’s (0.73) while no co-relation exists with SEQ’s (-0.14) in our study. Deep approach has a strong and significant correlation with SEQ’s (0.80) as compared to MCQ’s (0.056). Conclusion: Assessment tool has an impact on learning approaches used by the students. It was concluded that students used to prefer deep learning approach while preparing for SEQ’s as they were designed at higher cognitive level, whereas, they preferred surface approach while preparing for MCQ’s as they were developed at low cognitive order.

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