Humera Jabeen, Lubna Avesi, Saba Hassan Shamim, Farheen Danish, Nazia Qamar, Maryam Moula Bakhsh`.
Cdx2 expression: development of lower esophageal adenocarcinoma.
Pak J Pathol Jan ;31(4):111-3.

Objectives: To look into the expression of CDX2 in normal and various abnormal esophageal epithelial conditions in human subjects. Material and Methods: This study was conducted at Department of Pathology, Dow University of Health Sciences and Al-Tibri Medical College, Karachi. After ERC (ethical review committee) approval 88 human subjects were selected through non-probability sampling using inclusion and exclusion criteria 22 subjects as control (group-I) and 22 individuals with Barrett esophagus (Group-II), 22 patients with dysplasia (Group-III) and 22 known patients of esophageal adenocarcinoma (Group-IV). Demographic data were collected on proforma while histopathological changes and biomarkers were evaluated by the department of pathology, Chi-square was the statistical techniques used. Results: There were 70 (79.55%) males and 18 (21.45%) females. The mean age was 43.09 +- 6.52 years in group-I while 56.63 +- 2.64 years in group-II and 61.68 +- 4.23 years in group-III whereas it was 63.90 +- 3.80 years in group IV. CDX-2 was found expressed in 36(40.91%) patients where as it was negative in 52 (59.09%) patients. Conclusion: There is significant association in CDX2 expression in various epithelial abnormalities of the esophagus from Barrett esophagus to esophageal adenocarcinoma. Key Words: CDX2, Dysplasia, Adenocarcinoma.

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