Hina Javed, Syed Nisar Hussain Shah, Nida Javed.
Mild – Moderate Acne Treatment and Skin Allergic Reaction Treatment using Aloevera Emulgel -A Case Study.
RADS J Pharm Pharmaceut Sci Jan ;9(2):146-8.

Purpose: We are presenting a case 1 of 35 year’s old female suffered with mild-moderate acne for more than a year and the case 2 study was on a 14 year’s old male suffered with some skin allergy on his arms, in order to see the effects of our formulated Aloevera emulgel in both conditions. Methodology: In case 1, the acne appeared as a small inflamed bumps with white heads on cheeks and forehead. The patient was given Aloevera emulgel twice a day at day time only. In case 2, the patient has applied aloe Vera emulgel twice a day. Results: In case 1, the clear difference in skin acne was noticed after two weeks of treatment and within three months acne disappeared completely. While in case 2, after three days the patient’s skin was cleared with no allergy. Conclusion:  The Aloevera emulgel is helpful in skin nourishment having soothing and emollient effects on affected areas.

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