Haq Dad Durrani, Sairah Sadaf, Syed Aushtar Abbas Naqvi, Manzoor Hussain Bajwa, Mirza Shakeel Ahmad, Muhammad Khalid.
The effect of local tramadol infiltration in post pyelolithotomy pain..
Professional Med J Jan ;28(7):1022-7.

Objective: To compare the analgesic efficacy of tramadol wound infiltration with normal saline wound infiltration in patients undergoing Pyelolithotomy. Study Design: Randomized Controlled Trial. Setting: Department of Anesthesia, ICU and Pain Medicine, DG Khan Teaching Hospital, Dera Ghazi Khan. Period: July 2019 to September 2019. Material & Methods: Total 60 patients were included in this study. There were 30 patients in whom normal saline was used for wound infiltration and in other 30 patients tramadol was used for wound infiltration. Analgesic outcomes were noted in terms of Numerical Rating Scale (NRS) of pain in the recovery room, at 06 hours and 24 hours after surgery, mean time of first rescue analgesia and total dose of tramadol within 24 hours after surgery. Results: Mean pain score in the recovery room was 5.20±2.10 in saline group versus 2.60±1.13 in tramadol group (p<0.001). Mean post-operative pain score after 06 hours of surgery was 5.43±1.45 in saline group versus 2.30±1.05 in tramadol group (p<0.001). Pain score was 3.63±1.40 in saline group versus 1.67±0.80 in tramadol group after 24 hours of surgery (p<0.001). Mean time of first rescue analgesia was 6.16±2.47hours in tramadol group versus 0.97±1.46hours in saline group (p<0.001). Total dose of tramadol used for analgesia within 24 hours after surgery was 56.67±70.38mg in tramadol group versus 253.33±73.02mg in saline group (p<0.001). Conclusion: Wound infiltration with tramadol provides better analgesia as compared to normal saline in patients undergoing Pyelolithotomy.

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