Sehrish Shafique, Naveed Faraz, Hina Wasti.
Frequency of different symptoms in patients with COVID-19..
Professional Med J Jan ;28(7):931-5.

Objective: To find out the common symptoms in COVID -19 patients in association with age and gender. Study Design: Cross Sectional study. Setting: Study was conducted by approaching patients with COVID 19 positive in clinics, hospitals and those isolated at homes. Period: May 2020 to August 2020. Material & Methods: This study was conducted in Karachi by filling up the proformas from patients diagnosed as COVID 19 during a period of 4 months. All the patients with 25 -75years of age, and diagnosed   with COVID 19 positive were considered as a part of study. Data was written in a form of questionnaire.95% confidence interval was taken. For entry of data SPSS version 20 was used. Results: A total of 150 cases were included after considering inclusion and exclusion criteria, among which 80(53.3%) were males and 70 (46.6%) were females. Most of the COVID -19 patients in our study between the age group of 61-75yrs (57%) followed by 46- 60yrs age group (30 %). This study also showed that fever and cough was among the commonly occurring symptoms in COVID-19 patients. Conclusion: Patient with different symptoms present in COVID-19 although cough and fever were the most common symptoms  seen although few patient were symptoms free although COVID-19 positive.

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