Rahim Ahmed, Humaira Jurair, Kamran Sadiq.
Upper gastrointestinal bleed in a toddler - an unusual encounter revealing foreign body ingestion..
J Pak Med Assoc Jan ;71(4):1249-51.

Foreign body (FB) ingestion is common in children; however, management varies based on the object ingested, its location and clinical presentation. Urgent intervention is needed if any warning signs are present. We describe the case of a four-year-old child who presented with acute onset of life-threatening upper gastro intestinal bleeding. He had no other significant previous or present complaint, and results of lab workup were inconclusive. Endoscopic evaluation revealed a sharp and hard object which was removed. Post-operative period, duration of hospitalization and subsequent follow up were uneventful. Through this report, we wish to draw the attention of healthcare providers to the dangerous effects of FB ingestion and also emphasise that FB ingestion should be considered in differential diagnosis when unexplained upper GI haemorrhage symptoms occur acutely.

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