Aisha Khan Jadoon, Noureen Anjum.
Uterine Inversion During Cesarean Section: a Rare Presentation.
Khyber Med Uni Med J Jan ;13(2):123-4.

INTRODUCTION: Uterine inversion is the collapse of uterine fundus into the endometrial cavity resulting in turning the uterus partially or completely inside out. Uterine inversion during cesarean section is an extremely rare obstetric complication and the exact incidence is not known. CASE DESCRIPTION: We report complete inversion of uterus in 38-year-old female, Gravida 2 Para 1+0, 38+0 weeks gestational age, admitted for elective lower segment cesarean section due to previous 1 scar. Delivery of the baby was uneventful. Complete inversion of uterus through uterine incision was noticed immediately after detachment of placenta. Oxytocin infusion was discontinued immediately, and uterine inversion was reversed manually by exteriorizing uterus and then making a fist and applying force on the fundus. Uterus was closed back in two layers, but it remained relaxed despite, massaging, oxytocin and sublingual misoprostol; therefore, modified B-lynch sutures were applied. This helped the patient to be prevented from any further complications. She was discharged as planned and was stable on follow up visits. CONCLUSION: Uterine inversion was promptly identified and corrected without any major complications.

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