Lubna Kashif, Usman Mahboob, Farooq Ahmed.
Prioritization of Factors by Medical Faculty Towards Introduction of Centralized, Objectives Structured Clinical and Practical Examination.
Khyber Med Uni Med J Jan ;13(2):108-12.

OBJECTIVES: To prioritize the factors required for the implementation of the centralized Objective Structured Clinical and Practical Examination (OSCE/OSPE) to standardize the clinical examination across the province. METHODS: This was a cross-sectional survey that included four medical colleges of Peshawar; two public and two private. All study participants were practically involved in making and executing OSCE/OSPE. A 20-item survey questionnaire (having 5 points Likert scale responses) was developed based on the protocol given in AMEE guide-87. All the validation steps, including pilot testing, were followed. Responses were analyzed using SPSS-22. RESULTS: Frequency and percentages for each item were analyzed based on priority. The factors which were highly prioritized are given in descending order of frequency as; central administration and management (65%), adequate human resource (64%), recruitment of examiners by the implementing body (61%), development of central OSCE/OSPE bank (60%), trained staff (57%), trained standardized patients (53%), the consensus for appropriate marking (50%), coordinated meetings before the start of assessment (47%), CCTV surveillance (26%), equipment provision by the examining body (21%), single venue for OSCE/OSPE conduction (19%), and traveling of students to the desired locations (10%). CONCLUSION: The survey revealed that the central administrative body, training of faculty and staff, development of central OSCE/OSPE bank, and provision of equipment are integral to the implementation of centralized OSCE/OSPE.

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