Sadia Ijaz, Muhammad Muzammil Bajwa, Hafiz Ather, Faiza Wattoo, Tabinda Roheen, Khadija Saleem.
Mean Platelet Volume, Immature Platelet Fraction and Beta Thromboglobulin in Acute Coronary Syndrome patients.
Esculapio J Services Inst Med Sci Jan ;17(2):161-6.

Objective: Conventionally troponin and iso-enzymes of creatinine kinase are used for risk stratification and diagnosis of cardiac diseases. Our objective is to compare the levels of mean platelet volume (MPV), immature platelet fraction (IPF) and beta thromboglobulin level (BTL) in healthy individuals and patients of acute coronary syndrome to discover parameters which can be used to design strategies of risk stratification, early diagnosis, timely management and prophylaxis. Methods: The 170 study participants were divided into two groups, Cases (85) and Controls (85). The required parameters MPV and IPF were evaluated using sysmex XN 1000 where as BTL were assessed using ELISA technique. Mean +- Standard Deviation and Median +- Inter Quartile Range was used for quantitative data. Independent sample t-test was applied to compare mean of normally distributed data. Mann Whitney U test was applied to compare median of non-normal data. P-value <=0.05 was considered significant. Results: Mean IPF in cases and control was 8.716+-6.2834 (%) and 3.83+-1.63% respectively with statistically significant high levels in cases. MPV (fL) in cases was 11.65+-1.53 and in controls was 10.74 +- 1.04, with statistically significant higher value in cases. Mean BTL (ng/ml) in cases was also statistically higher i.e. 28.35+-17.83 versus 14.28+-5.80. Conclusion: The study concluded that levels of MPV, IPF and BTL were normal among controls while raised levels of IPF and BTL were observed among cases.

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