Haroon Rashid Chaudhry, Usman Ahmad Barula, Sajid Suleman, Zeeshan Ehsan, Buland Akhtar Zaidi.
Three Years Follow-up of Epileptic Patients After the Withdrawal of Antiepileptic Drugs.
Pak J Neurol Jan ;5(2):50-2.

This study examined the rate of relapse of epileptic seizures in patients, in whom antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) were discontinued after a seizure free period of at least 3 years. This is prospective follow-up study of 110 epileptic patients, who remained symptom free for 3 years and were using no AEDs at the time of enrollment in the study. Patients were reevaluated after period of 3 years to investigate how many of these patients remain seizure free without AEDs. At the end of study, 56 patients (50.9%) remained seizure free without AEDs. 54 patients (49.09%) eventually relapsed during the coarse of study. Of these 54 patients, 19 patients (17.27%) were well controlled again with AEDs however 35 patients (31.82%) were poorly controlled with AEDs. This study also attempts to highlight the possible factors, which may have lead to recurrence of seizures.

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