Jawad Zaheer, Qazi Najam Us Saqib, Asif Mehmmod Hashmi, Muhammad Mukhtiar, Sadia Zafar, Muhammad Riaz, Ghulam Rasool, Muhammad Akram, Syed Muhammad Ali Shah, Saher Rahat, Faid Said Khan.
Ex-vivo abortifacient activity of Androsace foliosa n-hexane leaves extract on isolated rabbit uterus..
Pak J Pharm Sci Jan ;32(5):2333-9.

Androsace foliosa is a medicinal herb utilized in different areas of Pakistan for abortifacient, diabetic and liver complications. In the current research, the possible action of the n-hexane leaves extract of the Androsace foliosa on isolated rabbit uterus was examined. Abortifacient activity was examined in the existence of standard antagonist e.g. atropine and salbutamol and a uterine tonic like oxytocin. The isolated rabbit uterus is initially treated with 1mg/kg stilboesterol for 1 complete day. The consequence of oxytocin as uterine contraction agonist was observed. Additionally, antagonists e.g. salbutamol (2μg) and atropine (1-2mg) on the uterine contractile action of the extract were also examined. The A. foliosa n-hexane leaves extract fashion dose correlated amplification in the force of uterine contraction comparable to oxytocin. The drug oxytocin was pragmatic to amplify the uterine contractile action of the extract. Meanwhile pre-treating the tissue with either atropine or salbutamol earlier than administrating the extract indicates the inhibitory action of the drugs on the action of the extract.

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