Anjum Ishaque, Saima Nadeem, Shagufta Nisar, Hasnain Ali Shah, Khalid Javed, Munir Hussain.
Histomorphological evaluation of osteoclast cell count in femur bone of mice induced by anastrazole and protective effect of olive oil.
Professional Med J Jan ;28(12):1837-43.

Objective: The objective of this study is to find out protective effect of olive oil to prevent bone loss by decreasing osteoclast count in patient receiving Anastrazole. Study Design: Experimental study. Setting: Pakistan Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) Animal House, Peshawar and Pathology Lab KGMC Peshawar. Period: March 2019 to December 2019. Material & Methods: Sixty female albino mice 6-8 weeks of age were selected for this experimental study and Aromatase inhibitor drug Anastrazole was given alone and in combination with olive oil once daily for 30 successive days. Femur bone samples were collected and stained with Eosin and Hematoxylin for histomorphological evaluation of osteoclast cell count in three all three groups i.e. control group, those receiving Anastrazole alone and those given Anastrazole and olive oil in combination. Results: The mean weight of all experimental female albino mice before study was 30.77- 33.05 grams and after the study was 30.84- 21.31 grams. Control group 1 which was given normal diet showed increased weight of mice with less osteoclast cell count as compared to experimental groups (2 and 3). In group 2 (Drugged) which was given Anastrazole, weight of were lesser than control group 1 and group 3(Anastrazole + olive oil), while, osteoclast score was greater than group 1(control) and group 3 (Anastrazole + olive oil). Group3 (Drugged+ Olive oil) showed greater weight of mice than group 2 (Anastrazole) but, lesser than control group 1. Osteoclast score was greater than control group but lesser than group 2 (Anastrazole). Conclusion: The results showed positive and protective effects of olive oil against Anastrazole induced bone loss in female albino mice.

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