Maeirah Shafique, Majid Hussain, Sobia Usman Shah, Aisha Fawad, Samar Fatima.
Schwannoma- a Rare Cause of Proptosis.
J Dow Uni Health Sci Jan ;16(1):46-8.

Schwannoma a tumor of cranial and peripheral nerves is rarely found in the orbit and if present seldom causes proptosis. We report a rare cause of unilateral proptosis. A 15 year's old boy reported with a 10-month history of unilateral proptosis. Ophthalmic and slit lamp examination revealed no other abnormality except for a dystopia, 3 mm inferiorly and 1.5 mm medially of left eye. On palpation, a small, non-tender rubbery nodular swelling in the left supero-temporal region was found. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) was suggestive of a lacrimal gland mass with a hyper intense area in the region of left lacrimal gland. Complete excision biopsy was done which reported a Schwannoma of lacrimal nerve. This case emphasis on two important points. First how to approach and manage a rare cause of unilateral proptosis and also that Schwannoma of lacrimal nerve has a very good prognosis after complete surgical excision and a good follow up

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