Naila Noor, Arsalan Ahmed Uqaili, Keenjher Rani, Salahuddin Shaikh, Navaid Kazi, Farzana Rahim.
Evaluation of Protective role of Lutein Against Ribavirin Induced RBC Membrane Damage in Rat Model.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;15(1):509-12.

Objective: To determine the protective role of lutein against RBC cell membrane damage assessed by RBC osmofragility test, Peripheral blood smear and blood CP. Subjects and Methods: Present experimental study was carried out at Isra University, Hyderabad and Department of AHVS (Animal Husbandry) Agriculture University, Tando Jam. 30 albino Wistar rats was selected and were divided into 3 groups namely A (controls), and experimental groups B which was given ribavirin only for 4 weeks and Group C was given Ribavirin as inducing agent and lutein. All drugs were used for 4 weeks as an oral dose daily. Erythrocyte osmotic fragility test was performed with NaCl solutions of difference osmotic concentrations. Data was analyzed by SPSS version 21. was higher 81% in group B as compared to group C as 70%. Mean of RBC count in the groups B was markedly decreased as compared to group A and C4.65, 3.29, and 5.13 (P=0.036). Mean of MCV in the groups A,B,C was noted as 53.4, 37.3 and 55.6 respectively (P=0.0001). Mean of MCH in the groups A,B,C was noted as 19.4, 18.7,and19.1 respectively (P=0.09), while mean of HCT in the groups A,B,C was noted as 34.2 , 25.7 and 34.2 (P=0.004) Conclusion: It was concluded that lutein have protective role against ribavirin induced hemolysis in RBCs of rats Keywords: Ribavirin, Hemolysis, Lutein

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