Muhammad Naeem Akhtar, Muhammad Saqib, Munaza Javed, Talha Mahmud, Khalid Waheed, Aleena Khalid.
Comparison of Pleural Fluid Culture Sensitivity by using Blood Culture bottles and Sterile Syringes in patients having Parapneumonic Effusions and Empyema Thoracis.
Pak J Chest Med Jun ;26(4):205-9.

Background: Pleural effusion is a common clinical problem encountered in both the developed as well as in developing countries. They can develop either due to a pulmonary or an extra pulmonary disease. Even use of various medications can lead to development of pleural effusion. Parapneumonic effusions are frequently seen in patients with Complicated pneumonia. Objective: To compare the frequency of pleural fluid culture sensitivity by using blood culture bottles and sterile syringes in patients having parapneumonic effusions and empyema thoracis. Methodology: It was a Cross sectional analytical Prospective study conducted at the Department of Pulmonology, Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore. The duration of study was 6 months from July 2016 till December 2016. Pleural fluid was aspirated under ultrasound guidance and was sent to the laboratory. Reports were assessed and pleural fluid culture was labeled as positive or negative and organism isolated along with their antibiogram was also mentioned. Results: The mean age of our patients was 43.34+-11.73 years. The male to female ratio was 1.5:1. Empyema was documented in 27(30%) of our patients whereas 63(70%) had parapneumonic effusion. Positive aerobic infection in blood culture bottle was seen in 48 patients, as compared to 26 patients in the sterile syringes. Statistically significant difference was found between the culture positive rate in aerobic blood culture bottle with sterile syringes(p value=0.001). Conclusion: It is concluded that the positivity of pleural fluid culture is higher in blood culture bottles as compared to sterile syringes in patients having parapneumonic effusions and empyema thoracis.

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