Anila Jaleel, Kiran Namoos, Samar Asim, Khizra Afzal, Hamail Barkat, Amna Afzal, Ayla Siddiqui.
Learning Environment of Basic Health Sciences in Private (Integrated) versus Public (Traditional Curriculum) Medical Schools during COVID-19.
Pak J Med Dentistry Jan ;11(1):94-100.

Background: Educational environment (EE) plays a pivotal role in the academic growth of a medical student. The objective of the study was to compare the perception of a learning environment in Basic Health Sciences by first and second-year MBBS students of private and public medical colleges in Lahore, Pakistan during Covid-19 using a questionnaire. Methods: Data was collected from students (146) through a self-reported questionnaire via Google. dox after obtaining consent. A total score between 151 and 200 was considered excellent. A score between 101 and 150 indicated a positive approach while less than 100 was considered problematic. A score >3.5 for individual items indicate the presence of the specific aspect of the educational environment, whereas, <3 score requires attention. The t-test was used for analysis and p<0.05 was considered significant. Results: Out of 146 students 84(51.21%) were from private medical colleges while 62(42.46%) were from public medical colleges. The students of private medical colleges who follow the integrated curriculum found the learning sessions (27.84+-7.40) were more student-centered with supporting online classes (2.75 +- 1.01) (p<0.05). Multiple software found that the tutorial sessions improved their problem-solving skills (>2.5). Teachers were helpful in stress management during the pandemic (>3). Proper counselors were employed by the private medical schools to cater to the needs of students who required assistance. Conclusion: A significantly high mean score was obtained from private-sector medical students regarding students` perception of learning (SPL), students` perception of teachers (SPT), and students` academic self-perception (SASP), compared to public medical colleges.

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