Farah Afroz Khan, Yawar Ali Abidi, Maham Muneeb Lone, Samira Adnan.
Apexification of a Permanent Immature Central Incisor: a Case Report.
Ann Jinnah Sindh Med Uni Jan ;7(1):43-6.

Aim:To report the induction of apical root development in an open apex central incisor with necrosed pulp by calcium hydroxide Summary: A 27-year-old female patient came to dental OPD with ache and discoloration of tooth #11 with a history of dental trauma. There was negative response on pulp sensitivity test on tooth #11. Periapical radiograph showed incomplete root formation with wide canal, divergent foramina, and fragile dentinal walls of tooth #11. After giving local anaesthesia on her first appointment, access was opened, working length was measured and pulp was extirpated. Chemo-mechanical debridement was done with 2.5% sodium hypochlorite solution and application of calcium hydroxide paste was placed. Access was then closed and patient was recalled for subsequent appointments. After a duration of nine-months, radiograph showed the evidence of complete root development with closure of foramina opening. Canal was filled with sealer and Gutta-Percha by thermo-chemical compaction. Key words: Apexification, calcium hydroxide, foraminal closure

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