Muhammad Maqsood, Muhammad Zahid Bashir Muhammad Zahid Bashir, Muhammad Kashif Butt Muhammad Kashif Butt, Faizan Maqsood Faizan Maqsood.
Original Article Epiphyseal Fusion of Iliac Crests in Male and Female Adolescents: an age Estimation Criterion.
J Shalamar Med Dent Coll Jan ;2(1):11-21.

Background: Determination of age depends upon physical examination, dental assessment, and skeletal evaluation. The radiological examination of bone for appearance and fusion of ossification centers helps in the assessment of skeletal maturity as the process occurs in a particular sequence which is almost constant for that particular bone. Objectives: The objective of this study was to determine the age of fusion of iliac crest by radiological examination of subjects of age bracket 17-25 years coming to Shalamar Hospital Lahore Methods: In this cross-sectional study, radiological examinations (Digital X-Rays) were performed to evaluate the fusion of Iliac Crest in 200 subjects of both genders of 17 – 25 years. Data analysis was done using SPSS Version 23. Conclusions were drawn and compared with available results of previous work done in this field. Results: Out of 200 subjects, there were 132 males (66 %) and 68 females (34%). The mean ± SD age of both genders was 20.41± 2.55. There were 93 cases (70.45%) of complete fusion among males, showing 100 % union in the age groups of 21-25 years, while 40 cases (58.83%) of complete union among females were observed during 20-25 year of age groups. The mean ± SD age of complete union for males was 20.67± 2.61 years and for females 19.90 ± 2.38 years, with a significant p value of <0.05. Similarly, a statistically significant difference was observed among people of different socio-economic statuses. No difference was observed among different ethnic groups. Conclusions: The fusion of the iliac crest is not affected by ethnicity. Factors like diet and nutrition directly affect bone growth and hence bone age. More studies should be conducted across the country to formulate a standard in setting up a uniform criterion for assessing the age of adolescents

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