Lubna Riaz Dar, Shaherzad Sohail, Afreen Farid.
Pregnancy Outcome in a Thyroid Cancer Survivor.
J Shalamar Med Dent Coll Jan ;1(2):34-7.

Background: Pregnancy after papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) is rarely seen. Monitoring of such pregnancy is very challenging as normal thyroxin levels are essential for satisfactory perinatal outcomes. Beside the effect of carcinoma, its surgery, radioactive iodine therapy and psychosocial factors need to be considered. Case Presentation: A 28 years old lady presented to Obstetrics/Gynecology outpatients department at 30 weeks for antenatal check-up of her first pregnancy in December 2018. Patients had papillary thyroid cancer in 2008, it was staged T2N1M1. She also had metastasis in cervical lymph nodes and lungs. It was treated by total thyroidectomy and para- thyroidectomy with bilateral neck dissection followed by two doses of radioactive iodine till 2011. She was followed up by her oncologist and they allowed her to conceive and continue pregnancy. Our patients had an uneventful pregnancy. She was delivered by caesarean section and the baby had to stay in neonatal unit for one day. Multidisciplinary approach, special attention in antenatal and perinatal period can result in successful outcomes of pregenancy in post treatment patients of papillary thyroid carcinoma. Conclusion: Reports of pregnancies after papillary thyroid carcinoma are rare and its management is challenging. Multidisciplinary approach and attention to their special needs can lead to satisfactory pregnancy outcome.

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