Uzma Daud, Qasim Muneer, Javeria Noor, Fahad Raza, Sarah Khalid.
Mesodermal Dysmorphogenesis of Ginsenosides: an Experimental Study.
J Shalamar Med Dent Coll Jan ;1(1):25-9.

Background: The versatile and dynamic activities of Panax Ginseng are attributed to its active components. They are readily available over the counter and are known for their effects as an aphrodisiac & health building; in addition, they are given rather generously during pregnancy, as they are considered virtuous for the baby and mother. Despite its easy availability and excess usage, little is known about its effects on the fetus. The current experimental design was focused towards the lack of differentiation and inhibition of cell growth of mesodermal derivatives inflicted by PanaxGingex. Methods:18 pregnant albino dams were randomly divided into three groups; Group A was control, Group B was Low dose and Group C was labeled as High dose groups. Tissues (bone, kidney and blood) were selected as derivatives of paraxial, intermediate and lateral plate mesoderm respectively and were used for light microscopic study. Results and Conclusion: The light microscopic examination demonstrated extensive apoptosis and an escalation of angiogenesis. Both the histological findings were not only statistically significant but was clearly indicative of dysmorphogenesis. The results of present study raise a finger towards the unsupervised practice of over the counter preparations especially during the vital antenatal period of development.

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