Talat Mahmood, Muhammad Ajmal.
Risk factors in inhalation of foreign bodies in tracheo bronchial tree in children.
Pak J Pathol Jan ;7(3):119-21.

192 children with inhalation of foreign bodies in tracheobronchial tree were analysed in order to establish risk factors associated with such accidents. Eighty percent cases, with boys exceeding girls, were between age 2-7 years. Commonest foreign bodies were betel nuts (33%), peanuts (30%), plastic whistles (15%) and orange seeds (9%). Occurrence of inhalation was more during winter season with peanuts and orange seeds as inhalant objects at the top of the list. Incidence of inhalation while "mouthing" die objects occurred in 78% cases during playing: 28% cases during talking: 13.4% during laughing: 14% cases while whistling and in 2.6% infants foreign bodies were pushed by other children.

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