Mukhtar Ahmed Naeem, Imran Iqbal, M Suleman Malik.
Diagnostic value of CT Scan in Pediatric Neurological Disorders.
Pak J Pathol Jan ;9(3):105-9.

Computerised tomography (CT) is now an established and widely available neuroimaging teachnique. Data regarding 80 children undergoing CT scan at the Nishtar Hospital Multan were analyzed. Indications for ordering a CT scan included complicated cases of meningitis, seizure disorders, developmental delay, cerebro-vascular lesions and children with suspected space occupying lesions (SOL). CT scan provided significant help in diagnosis or management in 100% cases of acute hemiparesis and suspected SOL and in 80% cases of complicated meningitis Diagnostic help was provided by CT in 66% of children with seizures and in 40% with developmental delay. However, in only a very small percentage of children with these disorders, scan findings helped in deciding the course of management. CT scan has been a very significant advance in cranial imaging, however, physicians need to carefully consider relevant clinical findings in children with neurological disorders before considering them a candidate for this costly investigation.

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