Abid Ali Qureshi, Mehfooz Ur Rehman.
Posterior fossa masses in children, imaging features with emphasis on MR findings.
Pak J Pathol Jan ;12(3):135-8.

The study was conducted at the Radiology department of The Children`s Hospital and The Institute of Child Health Lahore Patents were referred from neurosurgery and neurology departments of The Children`s Hospital who presented with headache nausea and vomiting with suspected or obvious posterior fossa mass. 25 patients were studied over a period of one and a half years, 16 were males and 09 were females The youngest was one year old and the eldest was 18 years witch average of 07 years. Medulloblastoma was found in 09(36 %). 5(20%) patients had pilocytic cerehellar astrocytomas, 06(24%) patients had ependymomas and brain stem gliomas were found in 5(20%) patients.

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