Farzana Rahim, Palwasha Gul, Abdul Khaliq, Masroor Ahmad.
Depressed skull fracture in newborn: a case report.
Pak J Radiol Jan ;32(3):165-7.

Depressed skull fracture in newborn is rare. Occurs due to the soft resilient and easily deformable nature of the bone. Causes could be due to various perinatal factors, including pressure on skull by fetal limb, external pressure by mothers sacral promontory or pubic symphysis or related to obstetric manoeuvres. Radiological investigation is necessary to rule out underlying brain injury, and timely decision for the treatment options depends on associated injuries and depth of the depressed fracture. We present a case of a newborn with depressed skull fracture, delivered by C section after a prolonged and obstructed labour.CT scan confirmed the depressed fracture with no underlying brain injury.

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