Momena Rashid, Shamayem Safdar, Faiza Ijaz, Sadia Hassan Khan, Syed Amjad Shah, Muhammad Sulaiman.
Face Width as a Variable Influencing the Mesiodistal Width of Permanent Maxillary Anterior Teeth: an Analysis Using Autocad Software.
J Med Sci Jan ;30(03):171-5.

Objective: The objective of this study was to determine face width as an important variable for the mesiodistal width of permanent maxillary anterior teeth in adult dentate subjects.Material & Methods: It was an analytical cross-sectional study conducted in Oral diagnosis of Peshawar Dental College, Peshawar from February 2019 to April 2019.A total of 180 subjects were included that fulfilled the inclusion criteria. Subject underwent the standard OPG procedure. JPEG file format of OPG images were analyzed by Autodesk AutoCAD software 2017 version to calculate the mesiodistal widths of permanent maxillary anterior teeth. Indirect mounting whipmix facebow model 9185 was used to measure face width by measuring the inter-condylar distance. The distance between two ear pieces of facebow was measured with the help of a digital caliper. One way ANOVA was run to see the effect in mesiodistal dimension of teeth widths among the three facial types.Results: All the differences in mesiodistal widths of permanent maxillary anterior teeth among different facial widths were highly statistically significant (P?0.05).For all maxillary anterior teeth, the mesiodistal widths of teeth were larger in subjects with large facial width(148.05+-1.61mm). In medium facial width (134.8+-5.737mm) the teeth dimensions were smaller than large facial width but larger than in small facial width (118.75+-2.647mm). Conclusion: It was concluded that facial width had statistically significant association with the mesiodistal widths of permanent maxillary anterior teeth.

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