Muhammad Kamran Khalid, Farhana Ramzan.
Scleral Buckling with 3600 Encirclement Using 3x5 mm Sponge in Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachments.
Al-Shifa J Ophthalmol Jan ;17(2):71-6.

Objectives: To determine the efficacy of a modified scleral buckling technique. Design, Duration & Settings: This qausi experimental post-test study was conducted at the department of Ophthalmology, Gomal Medical College, Dera Ismail Khan (D I Khan), Pakistan from January 2015 to December 2015. Materials & Methods: The sample was collected from Eye Unit, DHQ Teaching Hospital D.I.Khan, Pakistan. Proper approval from the ethical committee of Gomal Medical College, D I Khan was taken before starting the study. All the patients were operated by the same surgeon under local anesthesia and GA was used when indicated. Results: Retinal detachment surgery with 3600 encirclement using 3x5 mm sponge for SB for the repair of RRD is a highly effective procedure as the retina was flat in almost all the cases using this technique. Out of a sample of 25 patients of RRD, males were more than female and older (>40 years) more than younger (<40 years) patients. (Table-1). The prevalence of phakic patients was higher than pseudophakic and aphakic patients, the prevalence of sub-total RD was higher than half and total RD and the prevalence of very small breaks (Not visible) was higher than relatively larger breaks (Visible) (Table-2). Conclusion: The retina was found flat in a very high percentage (96%) of patients as compared to patients (4%) with detached retina (p<0.0001) both at a follow up one week and three months.

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