Hafsa Maryam, Qandeel Tahir, Shama Khan.
Visual Outcomes and Complications of Phacoemulsification for Senile Cataract in a Tertiary Care Eye Hospital.
Al-Shifa J Ophthalmol Jan ;17(2):52-7.

Purpose: Cataract is one of the main causes of preventable blindness in Pakistan, the purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of phacoemulsification on visual acuity for senile cataract as well as to track record the types of complications associated with this procedure. Study design: Cross-sectional study. Place and duration of study: The study was conducted at General OPD of Tertiary Eye-care Hospital of Rawalpindi, Pakistan from October 2020 to March2021. Materials and Methods: Participants coming for follow-up who have undergone phacoemulsification (one-week post-op) by same consultant surgeon. An interview based structured questionnaire was used with informed consent to collect the data. Result: A total of 290 eyes of 250 participants suffering from senile cataract were included in the study. Mean age of participants was 59 +-7.10 years, 56% (140) of the participants were male, while 110 (44%) were female. All the surgeries were carried out by the same consultant surgeon. 60.4% (151) of the eyes were right while 55.6% (139) were left. Good final visual outcome was seen in 84.4% of the cases. Postoperative complications occurred in 5.2% of the participants. Conclusion: The result of this study showed good final visual outcome (84.4%), which is close to the WHO recommendation of best corrected good visual outcome of 90%.

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