Aun Ali, Daleep Kumar, Madeeha Shahid, Ammara Salam, Summaya Saeed, Khursheed Samo.
A Case of Amyands Hernia Variant.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;13(1):70-2.

The presence of vermiform appendix as the content of inguinal hernia is termed Amyands hernia (AH). It is a very rare entity as most of the time contents of hernia are omentum and small bowel. Very often AH is asymptomatic and diagnosed intra-operatively. Amyands hernia (AH) is classified into four sub-types depending on clinical features and the status of the appendix. But this time we encountered per-operatively entirety different findings of Amyands hernia. Treatment of Obstructed inguinal hernia is only surgery, but dealing with Amyands hernia (AH) is based on the patient condition and type of Amyands hernia. So, treatment of this hernia remains controversial, different strategies should be applied to different case

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