Syeda Zarreen Raza, Sanaa Ahmed, Ziyad Sanaullah, Zunairah Rais, Zahid Memon, Saad Saleem.
Health Sciences Students\' Satisfaction with Quality of Online Distance Education.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;13(1):50-5.

Objective: To assess the students' satisfaction with the online distance education at constituent institutes of a Medical University of Karachi. Study design and setting: A cross-sectional study was conducted in 2021 March at JSMU to find out the experience across all the institutes of the university during the covid pandemic. Methodology: A sample size of 338 was calculated through Open Epi. Ver. 3.0, keeping a confidence interval of 95% with a 5% chance of error from 357 students. Performa was specifically designed for this study, consisting of 3 parts that are content, teacher, and technical review, which contains 16 questions. Results: Python ver. 3+ was used for descriptive analysis of the responses. A total of 338 responses were received. The lowest responses received in the teacher`s review were that most of the teachers inspired me to explore the subject further (Neutral = 33.73%), the lectures were boring and uninteresting to attend (Neutral = 28.4%), in the content review the lowest response. In the content review, the lowest response was for "your expectations regarding learning objectives were met" (Neutral 31.07%) and in the overall review, the subscale lowest response was for technical issues like problems in audio visual (Agree=33.4%), the learning environment was collaborative (Neutral=32.54%)and failure to meet the learning objectives by the teachers. Conclusion: The responses of the students show that they were overall satisfied with distance education during the pandemic.

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