Muhammad Imran, Mina Amer, Aqsa Majeed, Uqba Afzal.
A Case of Unilateral Neonatal Mastauxe.
Biomedica Jun ;37(3):148-50.

Enlargement of breast tissue in neonates is a condition seen as a physiological response to the decline in maternal hormonal levels postnatal. It is commonly seen in the initial weeks, but can progress in size within 2 months of life. We herein report a case diagnosed as neonatal mastauxe in a 2-monthold female, which was followed up without any medical or surgical intervention. Neonatal mastauxe means enlargement of breast tissue in newborn, which is sometimes essential to be differentiated from breast abscess and mastitis in babies. Keywords: Neonate, breast, enlargement, physiological, mastauxe.

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