Amjad Hameed, Waqas Hameed.
Bronchial hyperreactivity and its management in Cardiac Hypertensive Diabetic patients.
Pak J Chest Med Jul ;8(3):14-26.

The management of asthma in the presence of coexisting cardiovascular or metabolic diseases is a complex task. The non-pulmonary disease may mimic or mask asthma symptoms making assessment difficult. Medication prescribed for non-pulmonary diseases may affect asthma adversely. Anti-asthmatic agents also have the potential to produce adverse cardiovascular and metabolic sequelae. Measurement of flow rates and cumulative exhaled volumes are the backbone of pulmonary function testing. They convey information on obstruction to airflow and progress of the disease. It is therefore important to identify the role of physiological component of bronchospasm and their response to various medications. This is a review article.

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