Hai S A.
Permissive Hypotensive Resuscitation - an evolving concept in Trauma.
J Pak Med Assoc Jan ;54(8):434-6.

The concept of limited fluid resuscitation, or even non-resuscitation of trauma patients is not novel. In the mid sixteenth century, the famous French surgeon Ambrose described the conservative treatment of a soldier with an abdominal gunshot wound, who survived with no operation or fluid resuscitation. Canon, in the early part of the twentieth century alluded to the disadvantages of giving fluids to a bleeding hypotensive patient, as it may "pop the clot" and hasten exsanguination. This has even greater applicability to the combat field setting, and consequently military medical research focussed on determining the ideal resuscitation method and type of fluids to use in war time casualties. This is a review article.

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