Mamoona Nasim.
Heartburns, aluminum containing antacids and Pregnancy.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;10(3):268-70.

In order to determine short-term and long-term effect of aluminum containing antacids, pregnant mice were given a daily i.p dose of 0.7mg/100gm of aluminium sulphate for various periods according to the grouping. This dose was equivalent to a 70kg person ingesting 5000mg Al/day. Short-term exposure did show increased respiratory activity and decreased locomotor activity but all these symptoms disappeared within 24 hours of stoppage of drug. Long-term exposure showed cholinergic signs and typical scaly dermatitis of dorsal skin. Recovery of mothers from these toxic effects varied from 100%in few groups to 50%in others. However mothers of all treated groups showed a very slow weight gain and negative response towards drug by decreased locomotor, respiratory and other physical activities. Fetal development was found to be arrested in the groups exposed to drug for longer periods.

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