Khalilullah K.
Emergency Hand assisted Laparoscopic Surgery (HALS) resection of a benign intragastric stromal tumor.
Pak J Med Sci Jan ;20(4):400-2.

A 52 years old male presented to the local casualty department, following an episode of binge drinking, with a history of malena, upper abdominal pain and hematemesis. He was resuscitated in the emergency department and underwent endoscopy, which was inconclusive. He had a repeat episode of hematemesis while in the hospital and underwent transfusion of twelve units of packed red cells. Repeated endoscopy showed an intra gastric stromal tumour (GIST). It was decided to operate on him using Hand Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery(HALS). Emergency HALS is the first reported case in indexed literature, to deal with this sort of tumor.

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