Rashid Chaudhry, Saadatur Rehman, Fahd A Chaudhry.
An investigation into Cardiovascular health of senior civil servants.
Pak Heart J Jun ;35(1-4):7-10.

Civil Servants are office workers, generally with a sedentary lifestyle, predisposing them to cardiovascular disease. We conducted a descriptive study to identify adverse cardiovascular health conditions in this population. 120 civil servants aged 40-59 years referred for cardiovascular evaluation from their primary health care provider were evaluated using established history and physical examination guidelines. Blood pressure measurements and electrocardiograph tracings were recorded. A consultant cardiologist did interpretation. There were 119 male and one female subject, with a mean age of 50.65 years (SD ± 4.08 95% CI. 0.73). Weight ranged from 50-105 kg, with a mean of 72.18 kg (SD ± 11.19 95 % CI. 2.02). 32 (26.6. %) were active smokers. 39 (32.5%) patients were hypertensive, 15 (12.5%) had ischemic heart disease, 18 (15.8%) had dyslipidemia, 38 (32.5%) had abnormal electrocardiographs and 6 (5%) had diabetes mellitus. We conclude that in senior civil servants, hypertension is a significant concern and merits measures for prevention of complications. Smoking is prevalent. Other cardiovascular parameters are well controlled.

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