Abu Bakar, HAM Nazmul Ahsan, Manwar Ahsan, Abdullah Al Mamun, Syed Rezaul Karim.
Emergence of Dengue in Bangladesh.
Pak Armed Forces Med J Jan ;54(2):147-50.

A total of 370 patients (male 242 and female 128) of dengue syndrome admitted in the medical units of Khulna medical college hospital from July to Dec. 2000 were studied. Age of the patients ranged from 2-70 yrs. Highest number of patients 230(62.16%) were from 1st to 3rd decade. Students (194), Housewives (55), businessmen (43) and preschool children (36) were the commonly affected group. Fever was the commonest presentation (100%), other symptoms were headache in 115(31.08%), rash in 105 (28.37%), bodyache in 98(26.48%), abdominal pain in 66(17.83%), vomiting in 88(23.78%) and retroorbital pain in 45 (12.16%) cases. Among the bleeding manifestations, commonest was haematemesis and melaena in 206 (55.67%) cases, gum bleeding in 61(16A8%), conjunctival hemorrhage in 40 (10.81 %). Haematocrit was high and platelet count was low in majority of the cases. The patients were diagnosed as Dengue Fever (DF) 169 (45.67 %),Dengue haemorrhage fever (DHF) 185 (50%), and Dengue shock syndrome (DSS) 16(43.2% cases. Out of 370 patients treated 350 (94.59%) recovered completely; 15(4.05%) expired due to DHF & DSS.

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