Naila Bangash, Humaira Ahmed.
A study of 65 cases of Ectopic Pregnancy during one year period in Military Hospital.
Pak Armed Forces Med J Jan ;54(2):205-8.

A one-year study from May 1999 to April 2000 of 65 cases of ectopic pregnancy was conducted in Military Hospital Rawalpindi. Total number of deliveries during this period was 6214. The incidence of ectopic pregnancy in this study was 1.04 i.e. one in 95 normal intra uterine pregnancies, an incidence higher than 1 in 150 in British Statistics. The commonest presenting symptom was abdominal pain (100%), and adnexal tenderness (95.3%). All 65 cases were tubal ectopic, 59 were ampullary and 6 were at isthmus. 36 patients had unilateral salpingo-opherectomy, while 28 had unilateral salpingectomy. One patient had unilateral salpingectomy with ligation of second tube. There were no maternal deaths.

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