Inayatur Rehman, Tariq Burki.
Alvarado scoring system in the diagnosis of acute Appendictis in children.
J Med Sci Jan ;11(1):37-41.

A prospective study was carried out in the Paediatric Surgical Unit of Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar to find out the diagnostic value of Alvarado scoring system in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis in children. A total of 82 patients were included in the study, out of which 62 were male with a mean age of 7 years and 20 were female with a mean age of 8 years. A score of 7 or more was considered as diagnostic of acute appendicitis, while a lower score excluded the diagnosis of acute appendicitis. Out of 82 patients, 56 were explored and 26 patients with a score less than 7 were discharged after observation. Out of 56 patients 8 patients had negative exploration. Thus the overall Positive Predictive Value of Alvarado Scoring system was found to be 85.70%. This study showed that Alvarado scoring system is an effective way to diagnose acute appendicitis in children, which can be practiced in peripheral health sector as well as in a tertiary level unit.

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