Zahir Shah Mahsud, Hina Gul.
Risk factors and comparison of CT versus clinical findings in Stroke.
J Med Sci Jan ;11(1):53-8.

This study compares the accuracy of the clinical examination versus CT scan in diagnosis and assessment of different pathological types of stroke. The study was carried out at Radiology Department, PGMI, Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar. A total of 100 cases were selected with clinical diagnosis of stroke and CT scan was done. Cerebral infarction was the most common type of stroke. Mean presenting age was 55 years. It was found that Cerebral Infarction tends to be slightly over-diagnosed clinically as compared to Cerebral hemorrhage which tends to be slightly under-diagnosed clinically as compared with CT Scan findings. Most common risk factors with stroke were hypertension and diabetes (NIDDM). Middle cerebral artery territory was most commonly involved. Performing early CT scan in these patients is important in terms of acute management, prognosis and secondary prevention.

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