Manzoor Ahmed Unar, Aamir K, Shaikh A M, Jalbani G A, Ashraf R, Soomro F M.
To evaluate the inhibitory effects of Verapamil on Acetylcholine induced contractions of isolated Guinea Pig ileum..
Med Channel Jan ;10(3):14-6.

BACKGROUND: Contractility is an inherent property of all cells and is necessary for the performance of basic functions. The rise in intra cellular calcium concentration in most of the cases is necessary for the contraction of muscles. Acetylcholine is the major excitatory; neurotransmitter to the smooth muscle cells. It activates contraction through all increase in the concentration of Ca++ in the cytosol. Calcium channel blocker (Verapamil) blocks the L-type channels in the membrane of smooth muscle and cardiac muscle cells. Purpose of study was to evaluate the inhibitory effects of verapamil on acetylcholine induced contractions in isolated guinea pig ileum. MATERIALS AND METHODS: In this study sixteen experiments were performed on isolated guinea pig ileum. In the presence of selected standard concentration of acetylcholine, inhibitory responses of Verapamil were recorded by polygraph Model 7B in terms of rate and amplitude. RESULTS: Verapamil at lower concentrations showed nonsignificant inhibitory effect on contractility of smooth muscle of ileum. While at moderate to higher concentration highly significant inhibitory effects were observed. CONCLUSION: Verapamil found potent inhibitor of acetylcholine induced contraction of isolated guinea pig ileum.

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