Gulshan Ali Memon, Roshan Ali Solangi, Qaisar Hussain Naqvi, Sikander A Yousifani, Anwar Ali Akhund.
"Closed Biopsy" - A logical step in the diagnosis of Breast Lump.
Med Channel Jan ;10(3):35-8.

OBJECTIVE: How precise and reliable is Closed (FNA + Tru-Cut) Biopsy in the diagnosis of breast Lump. METHODS: Between March 1996 to June 2003, 120 patients with palpable breast lump who underwent with two methods of closed (FNA + Tru-Cut) biopsy were studied prospectively . These two methods were assessed for pre-operative diagnostic reliability. Procedural modes and diagnostic codes were designed comprehensively with acceptable standards. RESULTS: The reliability of Tru-Cut Needle Biopsy in making a definitive diagnosis of carcinoma was (92.10%) in over all 76 patients having malignant lump. While FNAC had an accuracy of (65.78%) in the same patients. The cumulative sensitivity of both was (96.73%). The results showed that Tru-Cut Needle Biopsy is significantly better rewarding than FNAC in providing a definitive diagnosis of malignancy. Both methods produced no false positive diagnosis of malignancy in any patient having benign breast disease. CONCLUSION: These two methods of Closed Biopsy are sufficiently valuable to Justify the expenditure of time, effort and cost. While Tru-Cut Needle Biopsy is More reliable in obtaining an accurate pre-operative diagnosis. However any un-satisfactory, suboptimal, suspicious or atypical changes on Closed Biopsy should be followed by an Open Biopsy.

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