Iftekhar Ahmed, Rana Qamar, Muhammad Masroor, Abdul Sattar, Khalid Imran, Masood Hameed Khan.
Effect of glycemic control on lipid profile in Diabetics.
Med Channel Jan ;10(3):44-7.

OBJECTIVE: To determine serum lipid abnormalities in diabetics and to compare these abnormalities in view of glycemic control. SETTING: Diabetic patients are selected from Civil Hospital Karachi over a period from January to March 2001 METHODS: One hundred diabetics patients were divided into two groups. One having good glycemic control (HbA1C<7%), group A other with poor glycemic control (HbA1c>7%), group B. The data were statistically analyzed on SPSS version 8.0 for windows and student t-test was preformed. RESULT: Mean total cholesterol was 197.76±34.52 mg/dl in group A versus 218.30±54.4 mg/dl in group B (P=0.003) Mean Triglycerides were 176.6±13.77 mg/dl in group A versus 263.48±23.22 in group B (P= 0.003). Mean LDL cholesterol was 125.22±4.13 mg/dl in group A versus 137.52±6.12 in group B (P= 0.107). Mean HDL cholesterol was 38.34±1.33 mg/dl in group A versus 37.04±1.14mg/dlin group B (P= 0.48). Mean VLDL cholesterol was 33.34±2.0 mg/dl in group A versus 48.85±4.26mg/dl in group B (P= 0.002) CONCLUSION: In diabetic patients good glycemic control is associated with statically significant difference in cholesterol, Triglycerides and VLDL cholesterol, however in patients with good glycemic controlled the lipid level were not ideal according to new recommendations.

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