Sikandar Hayat Gondal, Shahzad Javed, Amir Riaz Bhutta.
Postoperative pain comparison between Laparoscopic and open Cholecystectomy: A two years experience.
Pak Postgrad Med J Jan ;11(1):44-6.

A two-year study was carried out to assess the postoperative pain and its management in Laparoscopic-Cholecystectomy (LC) and Open Cholecystectomy (OC). 82 patients, 74 (92%) females and 8 (10%) males who underwent LC and 106 patients, 93 (88%) females and 13 (12%) male who were operated by open method were included into the study. At the average, 3 narcotic analgesic injections were required by patients operated upon laparoscopically and 6 in those operated upon by the open method. In LC group 25 (31%) patients demanded a narcotic analgesic injection after 12 hours of surgery while 70 (66%) patients in OC needed the same after 12 hours of operation. While after 24 hours of surgery 5% patients in LC group and 27% in OC group needed norcotic analgesia. At second post operation day 30% patients in LC group and 74% in OC group required non-norcotic injectable analgesia. It was concluded that pain and postoperative analgesia requirement are less considerably in LC as compared to OC.

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