Aleem Abdul Kadar, Aneela Hashmi.
Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Tongue; management of 25 cases at tertiary care referral center.
Med Channel Jan ;10(2):38-40.

The management of carcinoma of tongue has a good prognosis unlike other head and neck cancers but ignorance and delay in seeking medical aid, leads to metastasis due to early lymphatic involvement. Especially the difficult groups are those with tumors of the base of the tongue due to inability to visualization. Thus altering the management of better prognosis. The aim of this study is early detection and selection of most appropriate treatment modality for these patients. 25 patients presenting with oral Ulcer`s and mass of tongue between 1999 and 2000 were selected, diagnosed, treated and followed for a period of two years. The modality of treatment in 25 recorded; 4 patients were treated by intra-oral excision, 7 were treated by local excision with supraomohyoid dissection, 5 were treated with local excision and radical neck dissection. 2 were treated with local excision and radiotherapy and 7 patients were treated with radiotherapy alone The initial diagnostic evaluation of the carcinoma of the tongue has key position regarding their management. Biopsy of the lesion and palpation of the tumor is important and informative about the lesion and its extension, altering its treatment modality and provides us with enough information to approach these tumors properly, thus giving an optimal functional and cosmetic result.

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