Nadeem Ahmad, Ghulam Qasim Chandio, Masood A Butt, Hasnain Raza Haider, Tanwir Khaliq.
Role of Biliary Manometery in decision making about bile duct exploration during Cholecystectomy..
J Surg Jan ;27(1):38-41.

Biliary pressure and flow rates were recorded during cholecystectomy to determine their predictive value about the presence of bile duct stones in a prospective series of thirty patients, using preoperative cholangiography as control. Biliary pressure more than 15cm of saline and flow rate less than 10 ml/min of saline have sensitivity of 60.6% and 100% respectively and specificity of 96.2% and 92.5% each, comparable with those of preoperative cholangiography. Thus biliary pressure and flow rate may be useful adjunct to decision making about bile duct exploration during cholecystectomy.

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