Ihtesham Hussain Malik, Hamza Iltaf Malik, Khumair Asif.
Experience of various management strategies for diabetic foot lesion at Mayo Hospital, Lahore.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;10(4):376-9.

Diabetic patients who have poor glycemic control may suffer from foot ulcerations. This complication has become more since the advances in the general medical care of diabetes particularly the discovery of insulin has prolonged the life expectancy of patients with this disease. A study revealed that 3% of total hospital admissions were of diabetic foot. Most patients were elderly males who presented with (Wagner classification) grade III and grade IV (61.7%) disease.. Most microbial agents were Staphylococci, Psedomonas and Streptococci. Diabetic gangrene is due to the underlying predisposing factors such as trophic changes resulting from the peripheral neuritis, atheroma of the arteries resulting in ischemia, excess of sugar in tissues which lower their resistance to infection including fungal infections. This study is based upon the experience of different management options for diabetic foot lesions at Mayo Hospital.

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