Nasir Raza Zaidi, Naeem Ahmad Khan, Kamran Dodhy, Khalid Mahmood.
Carotid Duplex imaging is better modality than Angiography to diagnose carotid artery stenosis in patients for Endarterectomy.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;10(4):380-3.

Carotid duplex imaging is now recognized as the best non-invasive screening test for carotid artery stenosis. The evidence for its use as the sole diagnostic imaging modality prior to carotid Endarterectomy is examined. Providing it is carried out by experienced trained operators using validated duplex criteria, carotid duplex imaging is safe, highly sensitive and specific, and superior to angiography at plaque characterization & evaluation of flow disturbance. Cerebral CT & MRI should be performed if symptoms are atypical or if there is an evolved stroke. Angiography is required when duplex imaging is sub optional or equivocal, in the presence of atypical symptoms or uncommon vascular abnormalities. In the majority of patients requiring Endarterectomy for symptomatic high grade ICA stenosis, angiography seldom adds relevant information, clinical assessment & carotid duplex imaging alone can be safely used in preoperative assessment.


hi dear,mine letter will find u in best of ur health by grace of GOD,i studied this article abstract and found very informative in todays era .to save patient economy,avoiding interventional study it is a useful study.i am MD here in USA ,kindly send me the whole article in detail to me on my very soon.i want to relate this here in USA as well.looking for ur urgent reply.congrats to the pakmedinet in promoting education and writer of this article who simplify the study.thanks
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