Huma Latif Khosa, Nawaz Rasheed, Sadaf Batool, Afshan Qureshi, Mahjabeen Masood.
Role of Ultrasound in dense and normal breasts. comparison with conventional Mammography.
Pak J Radiol Jan ;15(2):12-8.

A study to evaluate the sensitivity of Breast ultrasound is done and comparing it with mammography in the Department of Radiology, Mayo Hospital, Lahore .25 patients were studied in this research which ranged from June 2002 to May 2003. All patients underwent both the Radiological investigations. The findings of both the imaging investigations were compared and the results finalized. Results. Out of 25 patients 7 had dense breast on mammography, ultrasound findings of three of them, had well defined solid mass-fibroadenoma, four were normal. Five had mammographic findings of mass with speculated margins and calcification ultrasound was complimentary, 6 had normal breast on mammography , ultrasound showed that 1 had small solid mobile mass -fibroadenoma, one had simple cyst .4 had suspicious calcification bi rads stage 4 and ultrasound showed 2 had mass, 2 were normal. 3 had lymph nodes on mammography and ultrasound showed normal breast on ultrasound in all. Conclusion being that in dense breast and normal breast the ultrasound proved to be more sensitive than mammography alone.

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